Image of Mass-X-odus- Gang Wars / Redlining

Mass-X-odus- Gang Wars / Redlining

by Adam X / Mass X Odus



1.Gang Wars

Limited edition vinyl 500 copies, 180g colored vinyl with insert

"It started with construction of a six lane highway built through a densely populated poor and working class urban neighborhood. Thousands of people now displaced from their homes. The property values of buildings surrounding this newly constructed urban blight plummet fast. The landowners panic as their profits turn to red. With little or no motivation to maintain their real estate the tenants increasingly live in a decrepitude state of decay. Those who flee go and those who cannot will soon be forced from their homes. Burnt out by the arsonists illegally hired by the owners who seek to collect insurance money on their financially losing property. The domino effect hits hard. Block by block , building by building ravage in the the flames of fire. A wide swath of land that not long before housed over 70,000 people sits in a huge pile of ash & rubble. Lawlessness runs amok and soon street gangs explode on the scene. "

Both songs written and produced by Adam "X" Mitchell at Sonic Groove Labratory, Berlin, 2007. Mixed and Mastered in 2012.